Collaboration means working together to achieve a goal. As a new student group, you may be unsure of where best in the realm of over 400 student groups you fit. Identifying a mission and group identity is important, however, a great way to best engage students is by working with other groups

Why collaborate?

  • Learn skills by working with an established group
  • Increase outreach by utilizing multiple networks of students
  • Diversify student activities (change wording to clarify)
  • Promote efficiency within internal practices
  • Share workload with more manpower and resources

These are just a few reasons to start thinking about collaboration, but before you do, follow the steps of collaboration by clicking on each for more information:

  1. Have your mission, general information, and goals well-thought out and be able to articulate them.
  2. Identify groups with which you would like to partner.
  3. Have the details of the partnership ready to discuss, know what you can compromise on and what you can’t, and start the process of collaboration with a meeting!