How does my student group get funding?

UCAE does not directly allocate funds to student groups.

  • For events and activities, get in touch with SOFC
  • Receive a FundCode through the Business Office (takes approximately 4 to 6 weeks)
  • For products, services, or equipment, send your treasurer to the UCAE business office to have a training session on campus spending policies only after you have gotten a FundCode


How does my student group reserve rooms or rent tables?

  • Sign up for DukeGroups and create a profile
  • Once your group has acquired a fund code:

How does my student group set up a website? 

  • Make a Facebook page and post on Class Pages
  • Create a website through Sites@Duke if FB is not enough
  • Create a Twitter to keep members posted
  • Create a logo with DiDA’s help


How does my student group recruit more members? 

  • Sign up for the Student Activities Fair, which takes place every semester (For questions, contact Eric Sneeden at
  • Check DukeGroups
  • Create fliers and marketing strategies with DiDA’s help
  • Refer to LAUNCH for recruitment

 How does my student group use DiDA for marketing? 

  • Find DiDA in the Greenhouse outside of the Bryan Center
  • Submit a request to meet with DiDA (if you have meeting, is this necessary)
  • Services include print design (posters, banners, brochures, etc.)
  • Website design services, artistic projects coordination, basic marketing consultation and guidance